Incorrect Information

How Much Can You Save

Comprehensive Loss Underwriting ReportDisputing CLUE reports is not always easy, since they are filed by the insurance company that showed a claim on the house. If you believe information is incorrect, you will need to have some facts on your side and you should also be ready to deal with red tape.

Like a credit report, the dispute process is going to involve contacting the actual source of the information. Most of the time, this is going to be easy because it will be your own insurance company that has filed the information. If you have switched insurers, you may have to contact the older company. If you know the data is inaccurate, you would then be contacting whoever lists the claim.

Home Flipper's Dilemma

Home flippers, who may be flipping a flipped foreclosure, could have a harder time disputing CLUE information if there is a chain of former homeowners. You would need some hard facts showing that the house did not experience such a claim, and it is very hard to prove that a house was not repaired for a claim, or money was not paid out to fix something.

Can You Correct Bad CLUE data?

Homebuyers may shy away from homes with certain types of damage, like mold claims, since it is impossible to kill mold without scraping the house off the lot and trying again. You may end up having to sit on the house until the five year anniversary of the claim, or until it drops off the listing. This may not be amenable to a flipper. If you have the facts to show that the claim is factually incorrect, such as a transposed address or situation that is impossible, the insurer should be able to correct it.